Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our First Night In The New Home

Yay! We moved in yesterday afternoon. The previous owners are Canadian so we had to wait for Transport Canada to release the vessel from Canadian Registry before we could do the final closing and move aboard. We got the great news at 11:30 Friday morning and couldn't be more elated. If it didn't get done Friday the holidays would have interfered and the thought of staying in the Bates Motel, I mean Fountain Resort, for several more days was frightening. Kudos to the Canadian Authorities for turning the paperwork around in less than 2 days. If we had to do this in the U.S., I can only think we would be lucky if it got done in 2 weeks.

We made a couple of trips bringing our belongings and two cats from the hotel on board, ordered some pizza, poured some glasses of wine and made a toast to our new home and adventure. The cats seem to feel relieved to be here too and had fun exploring their new home. They immediately found the most obscure hiding places that we didn't know existed.

As we finally started relaxing we realized it was getting quite cold here in Florida. By midnight it was in the high 30's ! I thought we left that weather behind in New England. It is funny that down here a winter "severe weather alert" means you should put on a jacket before you go out so you don't get cold. In New England it means 6 inches of snow and ice. I got more than a few comments from some locals earlier in the evening about how I was outside wearing shorts. To me, 55 degrees at this time of year is a heat wave.

The boating community has already impressed us. Everyone is so friendly and will give you a hand or advice on a moments notice. We have already met two other couples on boats here in the marina who are doing exactly as we are and are staging here preparing to cross over to the Bahamas in the next few weeks. As we were emptying our hotel room out we met another couple staying there that are about to board their boat, which is a sister ship to ours only two years older. They are preparing to go to the Bahamas but have already sailed North to Canada and South through many of the islands in the Caribbean over the past several years. Friends are easy to make and we look forward to running into them again as our travels overlap.

Our immediate challenge over the next few days is to get rid of STUFF. Although we purged our house and most of our belongings we seem to have brought about 10 times more STUFF than we can fit on board. I guess I don't need these ski pants, although they would have come in handy last night. Do we really need 4 extra comforters? We won't even talk about extra pairs of shoes. Not knowing all the things the previous owners were leaving us we brought many extra kitchen accessories, cleaning supplies and unneeded maintenance items which will have to find a new home as well as too many clothes. There are some tables at the marina where you put things you don't need and if other boaters can use them they take them. I see some full tables coming their way over the next week.


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    1. Yeah, that's what I thought. Mel and I (Jim) will be following your journey with great interest. We all have the adventurer inside us that you had the courage to act on. We wish you the best wherever you go, and keep this blog updated whenever possible, please.

      Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you for the kind words Mel and Jim, we will do our best to keep things updated. Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and your family. Gayleen and Bruce


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