Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Administrative Details and Repair Work

Hopefully we are in the final week at the marina. Our one month lease runs out on Monday so we plan on being on our way by then. In the meantime, we have been working hard at getting the administrative things done that are required in the transition while we still have the car. The last major hurdle was getting Florida drivers licenses which we were very excited to get yesterday.

How could getting a new driver's license be exciting? I will try to explain because it will answer the question we get all the time "How do you get mail?" Yes, it seems one of the things life on land is built upon is mail delivery. My normal answer to that question is for you to save your old wine bottles, put your letter to us in one and throw it in the outgoing tide. It will reach us eventually. But alas, we cant escape the need to receive real mail from various government authorities even going as electronic as we can with bank and account statements. We use a mail forwarding service located in northern Florida. It is a physical address with a box number and we can use it as our legal residence. They hold our mail and I can request at any time to have them take what we have in our box and forward it to us at any address that will accept mail for us wherever we are. There is a fee for this so please send us email! I have had them forward it twice to the marina we are staying at and the process has worked flawlessly. This brings us back to why we were excited to get our licenses. Well, there are hundreds of folks using this mail service and evidently the Florida Motor Vehicle Department gets a little confused when yet another shows up for licenses using the same address. The mailing company told us to get our licenses in the county where they were located because that county understands. Unfortunately, that would have been almost a 3 hour drive each way for us. We figured we would try to get our licenses locally first and it worked! No problems, no issues and we were on our way with shiny new Florida drivers licenses with a 10 minute drive each way instead of 3 hours.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I wont have to go into detail about our recent test drive other than to give advice. If all you do is focus on your electronics and trust your GPS this is the end result...wrong turns in a boat can have serious results.

Repairs have also caused a 1 week delay. Not to worry, the boat is still in excellent shape however some repair work was required on one of my (Bruce's) teeth. Finding a new dentist in a place you just moved to during the holidays wasn't easy, but as of yesterday after some antibiotics, a fun root canal and a temporary crown I am good to go for a couple of weeks until the final crown is delivered. Once again, boaters helped boaters and when I explained to the Dentists at the practice that we wanted to get out cruising by Sunday they figured out a way to squeeze me in their schedule and get the work done right after the initial visit. Even thought the Dentists owned fancy fishing boats they were happy to help a sailor and told me how to fix a loose temporary tooth while cruising with Fixadent. They said your permanent crown will be here in two weeks and to just call us when the winds allow you to make it back and you can come back anytime for it to be put in.

It won't be long for these posts to have fun pictures on the water. Cutting the land ties is a process we knew we will have to finish properly and we are enjoying every minute of it.

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  1. I have a couple of unopened tubes of Fixadent you are welcome to. Where do I send them?


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