Monday, January 21, 2013

Back To The City - Waiting For Parts

After a nice stay in extremely windy conditions at Peck Lake we decided to start further South. The fun of watching folks drag anchor again was just too much and we needed to get to a place for me to rent a car to go back to Ft Worth later this week once the parts for my tooth repair project come in.

We motored down part of the ICW that has many many bridges. Some open on demand but most only open every half hour. If you just miss an opening you need to chill for 30 minutes until the next opening. Thirty minutes is a long time as we had to wait for an opening cycle because the lead boat in our convoy was going too slow between bridges. We were traveling with 3 other boats that were anchored with us at Peck Lake. As you can see, the area before a bridge can get a bit crowded when waiting for a 30 minute opening.

We have been anchored at the North end of Lake Worth just North of Palm Beach in a very large anchorage that has shopping near by. We will decide tomorrow if we are going to wait here for the tooth project to be completed or go down to Ft Lauderdale first. The camera we bought before we left has lots of features so I am going to try to enthrall you with my first video. Lets see how it works...


  1. Nice video Bruce! Limitless overcast though.. BobHall

  2. Enjoying all the updates and thanks for the video! We keep thinking of you guys enjoying the nice warm weather as we sit in chilly NH, down to 2 degrees tonight!

    - Chrissie


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