Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Off The Hook - Taking A Short Break

OK, we decided to take a break from being at anchor in the never ending North / Northeast gusting winds to relax and be safe while I drive up to Ft. Pierce tomorrow to pick up the new crown. We pulled into a nice small Marina in North Palm Beach which just so happens to be called the North Palm Beach Marina. It is sheltered and felt good to turn into the channel leading to it and having the winds disappear. Pulling into the slip proved to be a simple chore and the dock hand, Josh, was very helpful in getting Pearl tied up properly. Some hot showers, laundry and a quick trip to Ft Pierce in the morning will get us all ready to move on South from here.

We did meet some very nice cruisers in the Marina. One couple are on day 211 on their Bavaria 30 sailboat. They started in Minnesota on Lake Superior. They already have many miles, locks, canals, rivers and passages under their keel just to get to where we started off. We met another that has been cruising the Keys and Bahamas for 20 years and he was a wealth of information that will help us put our plans together

One of the projects for this stop is to see if I can get the Jabsco toilet in the forward head to operate properly. Fortunately for us we were left with a full set of repair parts. I just need to figure out which one will do the trick. Doing a quick internet search for some help it was funny to see most folks say to throw the toilet away and just buy a news one since they aren't that expensive. It seems this is one of the most frustrating projects all cruisers deal with continually. Anyone know a good plumber?


  1. Sorry I missed your text, we've been following your adventures. So glad this is happening for you. Have some excitement for us ! Love you -Paula

  2. Do what cruisers do...ask people at the marina...someone will know...common problem...good luck.


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