Sunday, February 10, 2013

How To Do Miami On The Cheap - adopt a derelict boat

We have enjoyed our stay in Miami and will start South into Biscayne Bay in the morning. We missed watching one of the biggest snowstorms in a long time back home in Boston but we are not going to miss the shoveling and after effects. We hope our friends up North are enjoying the winter wonderland.

One observation that made an impression on us in Miami was the quantity of derelict boats anchored throughout the harbors. Several years ago the Florida government passed a law that allows you to anchor anywhere in Florida waters for the most part as long as you are not in the main channel. There used to be bans as well as restrictions on how long you could stay at many places from what we understand. This is great news for us as we can anchor and stay almost anywhere the depth will allow. The downside seems to be that many have taken advantage of this to anchor boats they no longer want and just leave. Interspersed with all the nice boats are many derelict boats leaving an eyesore scattered about. Here are just a few we passed as we drove the dinghy to shore.

Now, if you wanted a cheap place to stay in Miami just find yourself a dinghy or hitch a ride from someone at the dinghy dock and adopt one of these little beauties. The view is great and it comes with the wonderful smell of salt air and ..... the price is right! Just make sure there aren't already other squatters on board as is the case with many of these lost hulls. First come first served.

One last note: Another cruising couple anchored next to us last night and stopped by to say hello this morning. They bought their boat 3 months ago and just came up from the Keys. We were exchanging stories about what we find important to us in this new lifestyle. They explained how they spent 3 weeks when they bought their boat researching and picking out the perfect microwave. Then, once they were on board for a month they realized they didn't use it and all it did was take up counter space so they gave it away. We just smiled and laughed. I didn't have the heart to tell them that without a microwave I might starve to death as Gayleen is the self appointed Microwave Queen. Yes, tonight is microwaved hot dog night with microwaved spinach in a pouch..yum.


  1. If they float, they can be fixed - for a price. Interesting story.

    Are you having any issues with barnacles? When my dad was living on his boat in St. Pete, he had to have it hauled twice a year to scrape the barnacles & paint the bottom. As it was a wood hull he had to check for worms, also. I wondered if the East coast was any different.


    1. No Barnacles yet, just a lot of algae. The bottom was freshly sanded and painted shortly before we bought her so we will see in time. I understand that the previous owners had the bottom lightly sanded and painted each year.



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