Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Great Harbour Cay - More Than Meets The Eye

After being at anchor in Bullocks Harbour, Great Harbour Cay for a couple of days and exploring the west side of the island, we all agreed that we weren't very impressed. The anchorage was safe and nice but far from scenic for an island in the Bahamas as we were hoping for secluded beautiful beaches and turquoise water. We were anxious to move on but some very unsettled weather was moving in. To avoid being at anchor in very strong forecasted thunderstorms we decided to grab a slip in the protected marina for the night. There is a new rule we have decided. If bad weather is forecasted and you go pay to hide in a marina its a sure thing that the storms will not come. This was the case as we had an uneventful restful night.

Since we were tied to the dock we decided to take advantage of exploring the island a little more for the day. Brandon offered to rent a Jeep to drive around in. He went all out and rented the best Jeep available for the day. Rent-a-Wreck does not have to be afraid of this Jeep franchise moving to the states to take it's business. Lets just say this Jeep had lots of "character".

The custom installed seating was an upgrade...

We all managed to squeeze in and we were on our way..


Brandon did a fine job driving because "he's a professional" and he only needed to be reminded a couple of times that they drive on the opposite side of the road in the Bahamas. The Jeep was doing well until one stop where the gear shift had a slight issue. Like a professional, Brandon adjusted it and pushed it back in and we were on our way once again. We are still laughing.

Our trusty Jeep did open our eyes to the hidden treasures of Great Harbour Cay. Just on the east side of the island is the most beautiful beach we have encountered so far in our journey. It is 4 miles of beautiful white sand and crystal clear water.

After a couple hours of swimming and snorkeling we climbed back into our trusty Jeep and headed north a few miles to the Sugar Beach Caves. The caves are in a more rugged section of the coast and are only accessible at low tide, but they made for fun exploring.

Great Harbour Cay just kept surprising us even when we returned to the marina. Walking back to Pearl, we got the chance to meet Georgie, one of the local manatees.

Personally, I though Georgie was probably only cute to his mother but Salem kept going on and on about how cute he was. She decided to see if she could convince him to follow her home.

I told her we couldn't feed him and provide enough fresh water so she had to let him stay, but in the meantime she enjoyed playing with Georgie and he enjoyed the attention.

We have enjoyed our time here after all the pleasant surprises the island had to offer but it's time to move on. We will be in a more remote area for the next few days so there may be a delay with the next post. Devil's Cay..here we come!

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  1. Wow, sounds like some exciting adventures! I can't believe that Jeep, I hope you didn't pay more than $20 for that thing! Enjoy your time living it up with Brandon and Salem!

    - Chrissie


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