Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Bimini Birthday!

Yesterday was Gayleen's Birthday and I almost put a damper on it. We had a nice day relaxing and walking around town. We bought some delicious local Bimini coconut bread  and came back to the boat mid afternoon to some friends telling us that there was to be yet another gathering of cruisers on the marina "beach" this evening at 6 and to bring hors d'oeuvres. We really like our new friends here but after the last 3 nightly get togethers it was time to take a break and I suggested to Gayleen that we relax on board and watch a Netflix movie for the evening instead of more cocktails.

Well, at 6:30 our friend Butch knocks on our boat and asks when we are going to join them. We thanked him and told him we were going to relax and finish the movie we just started. About 10 minutes later we see many legs on our dock outside our windows and about 12 people start singing Happy Birthday to Gayleen. Needless to say she was surprised and honored that they all thought about her and we paused the movie and went on shore to join them for the Happy Bimini Birthday Party! Cheryl from "Island Time" was nice enough to bake a cake.

We even had entertainment when Butch pulled out a guitar to serenade us.

Of course Gayleen enjoyed being the center of attention..

Bimini is a small Island with about 1000 residents. You can look up the history on your own but the highlights are the visit by Dr. Martin Luther King and the times that Ernest Hemingway spent here. We visited the Bimini museum and I like the obscure trvia facts. They claim the term,"The Real McCoy" was started here. Evidently, in the prohibition days, much of the alcohol and Rum was made in Bimini and shipped to the U.S. Most of the alcohol was very watered down except for what was made by a fellow named McCoy. His Rum was sought after and commanded a higher price. In the states the question it the real McCoy?

Here are some photos from our travels around town. Altough the main road is about 3 miles long, they call it the King's Highway. Here is the local shopping mall.

Somehow the word got out to the Bimini track club that we had sons that were accomplished collegiate hurdlers and they tried to recruit me to join the club.

One of the more interesting attractions on the island is the Dolphin House which was built by a local artist.

It isn't until you get up close that you can appreciate all the interesting tiles, shells and "things" embedded in the walls.

The other day it was calm so we finally had a chance to take a ride in the dinghy outside the channel and out in the ocean with our friends that we crossed with. I don't think you can ever get tired of the color of the water and the sights here and we are told the best is yet to come as we continue our travels to the Abacos Islands.

These two boats evidently had a bad day.

In Bimini, if you want to work on your boat "on the hard" and don't have jack stands you build some sand piles to hold you upright.

There is a weather window coming up this weekend that will allow our friends easy passage to Nassau so we will have to say good bye to many of them as we await Brandon and Salem's arrival. Not to worry because each day we make new friends that arrive travelling either on to the eastern Bahama islands or back to the states.

One highlight of our stay here was during the first 2 days. On the first day, Gayleen was in the cockpit and there was a boat behind us in the next marina and they were waving and saying hello. She didn't have her contacts in and just thought everyone was being friendly. The next morning I was down below and heard the same folks yelling hello to Gayleen and she again didn't have her contacts in thinking they were overly friendly. I popped up into the cockpit to see Jordan and Erica that we met back in January at the Harbortown Marina in Ft. Pierce when we bought Pearl. It was so nice to meet them again here and they joined us on board Pearl for a bit as well as at one of our get togethers here at the marina before leaving 3 days ago to travel east to the Berries and on to Nassau. You never know when you might meet up with your new friends again. That's one of the fun aspects of this lifestyle.


  1. Happy Birthday Gayleen!!! Glad to see you're still having fun having fun in Bimini!

  2. I like this! I like how they baked mom a cake and made you guys join them! So cool. And how you ran into friends from January again, crazy. Cool photos too!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Gayleen! Looks like you're having fun! Miss Ya!


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