Sunday, April 28, 2013

They're Heeeere...Up The Amplitude!!

Life on Bimini was fun and even though we were there for a few weeks we were never bored with nice folks around us and new friends coming and going. But the time had finally come for Brandon and Salem to arrive. I think half the folks on Bimini knew when they would arrive and kept asking if they had made it across the ferry yet. When they did arrive at our dock they had already been recognized and welcomed on the way by several other cruisers who said to them, you must be Bruce and Gayleen's son and girlfriend.

It is so nice to see Brandon as we haven't really seen him much in the last 4 years since he moved to Colorado. Although we had Skyped with Brandon and Salem several times the past year this was the fisrt time we met Salem. She was instantly friendly and felt like part of the family from the first meeting on. We love having them here especially because the young energy of the two of them has really upped the amplitude of the adventure having us on the go constantly. Its great.

You know you have been to an Island too long when the first day they were with us a friend from another marina comes to our boat with a camera he found on the beach on the other side of the island and asks if it belonged to us. He found it on the beach, looked through the pictures and immediately recognized us and our boat.

We are anchored off Great Harbour Key in the Berries Islands of the Bahamas with limited internet so lets see if I can summarize the past few days.

- Brandon and Salem arrive and we have a fun day in Bimini catching up
- 17 hour overnight crossing to the Berries islands
- Meeting Jenny on a speaker phone (Salem's Mom...we won't go into detail on this but    her sailor's vocabulary would fit in well here)
- Snorkling
- Catching, cleaning and eating our first conch
- Fishing
- Experiencing a luminesence show in the water at night all around us at anchor
- Star gazing
- Late night popcorn and a bottle or two of rum

Instead of anchoring in the middle of the night out on the Bahama banks we decided to leave Bimini at around 5 P.M. and sail through night to arrive in the Berries late morning. It was a 17 hour trip as the winds switched to our nose a lot earlier than forecasted. The highlight was seeing a simultaneous sunset and moonrise (full moon for good visibility). There was no land in sight which made this a very unique first for us.

Everyone (except for one unnamed member of the crew) took turns helping us stay awake and navigate through the night.

Our new late night treat is the overfilled pot of popcorn...quick and easy to make.

We have been exploring Great Harbour Cay the past 2 days and hopefully will move on tomorrow morning. We have a couple of destinations in mind and will decide when we get the latest weather in the early morning.

You can always click the "Where Are We" tab at the top of the blog to see a Google Earth view of our current location.

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