Thursday, November 7, 2013

Home Again In Harbortown

Life on "The Hard", was hard. The Boat Yard was just a little too far from the stores to make it an easy walk but lucky for us, midway through our stay, we scored a new ride to get at least one of us around easier. Craigslist is a wonderful resource and after I convinced the guy that was selling the ride that we weren't luring him to some dirty boat yard to mug him he delivered it right to us! Not bad for $35 right to our door, I mean ladder.

Today was a good day, Pearl had new bottom paint and had a few miscellaneous unused holes in her hull filled in and was ready to go. Of course just as I went to take pictures the battery in the camera died so all I got was this. New paint, new zincs, a clean water line and not a barnacle to be found.

We splashed Pearl into the water at 9:45 A.M. and took her for a spin out in the Intercoastal Waterway. We were very lucky because today was the first day in the last four that there was almost no wind. Tomorrow another front comes bringing with it 20 to 30 knot winds that makes it very difficult to pull out of the launch slip and especially get into the marina slip. Once we got Pearl out of the no wake zone, she was flying now that the prop wasn't encrusted in all those nasty barnacles. The sooner we get out of this water in Florida to the crystal clear waters in the Bahamas the better. All kinds of things grow on your boat here and in the Bahamas all you need to do is wipe a little algae off the waterline every couple of weeks with a rag.

It was sure nice to have this distant view of the Boat Yard leaving it as just another memorable experience.

Before our departure day we went over to the Harbortown Marina twice to look over the slip we were going to have as our new home. There is very little space to maneuver your boat between each of the docks and pulling Pearl into the slip. On top of the close quarters, Pearl has a difficult time backing up in a straight line. Because of the way the propeller moves the water, she tends to turn to the left when in reverse. One person stated it this way. My boat can make little circles to the left in reverse and it came make big circles in reverse, that's it. Since we were the second slip in from the end I made a plan to go just past the fairway (the space between the docks) and back into the fairway as Pearl swing around to the left leaving the bow aiming right at the entrance to the slip. When we radioed into the marina to let them know we were coming I explained my plan the the dock hand that was there to help us get in the slip and tied up. I think he responded with a reluctant "ummmmm...ok". I'm not sure he was convinced it would work. We pulled into the marina and put the plan into action. Amazingly it worked perfectly! What a relief that was. Quite often you see boats playing bumper cars while everyone around seems to be watching. The dock hand told us this slip is one of the toughest to get into so even though he may have been just making us feel welcome it felt good to pull into the slip so effortlessly. As time goes on we learn the way Pearl likes to behave and work with it.

After spending the afternoon washing all the boat yard dust and grime off Pearl she sits happy in her new home which she was familiar with from last winter as we get to know our neighbors and settle in for a while to provision and stage to make our trip to the Bahamas.

To celebrate being clean again and civilized, Gayleen and I are going to reward ourselves with dinner at the fun restaurant just a short walk at the beginning of our dock.

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