Saturday, December 28, 2013

Nassau Bound

Its finally time to move on from Bimini. Tomorrow we have the right winds to do a passage east to Nassau. We will leave the dock in the morning and the plan is to do an overnight crossing across the Bahamas Banks which is about 75 miles of water that is about 10 to 15 feet deep and then across the deep waters of "The Tongue of The Ocean" another 35 miles. The total trip is about 117 nautical miles and will take us approximately 22 hours.

You can follow us real time on our spot page here.

Last Sunday was another weather window for crossing to Bimini from Florida and about 5 new sailboats with other cruisers arrived at our marina. It was fun having such a nice group of friends to spend Christmas with. Most of them are making the same trip on to and through Nassau as we are tomorrow so our paths will continue to cross as we all continue our adventure.

Gayleen is excited that we will make it to Nassau for New Years. Evidently they have a huge parade at 2 A.M. called Junkanoo with music and floats and wild costumes.

Like always, sunsets are the highlight of the day. The cruising group met on the beach to have cocktails and watch this magnificent sight (thanks to our new friend Amber for sharing her photos with me)

I did manage to land my first catch with my fishing pole right here off the dock. It put up a good fight but I managed to get it in before the sharks got it. Amber was very happy to have here rug back that blew off the dock 2 days earlier.

Time to rest up because I'm sure we won't get much sleep on the overnight passage tomorrow.

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