Thursday, January 9, 2014

Boppin Around Nassau

We have been in Nassau for a little more than a week while we await the arrival of our son Evan and his girlfriend Ashley who will join us for a week and hopefully do a little sailing, city touring and have lots of fun. We can't wait to see them!

Since our arrival we have had fun exploring Nassau with new friends and our good friends Amber and Pope on Echo II that we met and buddy boated with here from Bimini. As most cruisers do at times, they have had their share of challenges but have continued to have a great attitudes as they face them head on while enjoying all the fun things around us at the same time. For a good read with more on Nassau, their experiences and us on Pearl take a look at Amber's Blog. I can assure you that you will not be bored. They leave to head down the Exumas today so we hope to cross paths with them some time in the future.

Gayleen wanted to get to Nassau for New Years to experience Junkanoo. Junkanoo is a street parade with music which occurs in many towns across The Bahamas every Boxing Day (December 26), New Year's Day and, more recently, in the summer on the island of Grand Bahama. The largest Junkanoo parade happens in Nassau, the capital.It starts between 1 and 2 A.M. and goes on into the next morning with huge floats, elaborate costumes, music and dancing.

We started New Years Eve being invited to dinner by our friends on Echo II who cooked up a nice meal on their grill. We were told by the locals to go to the Junkanoo Parade around 5 A.M. after the tourists have left and you can get closer into the action as it will still go on full force for several hours more. We decided we would get up at 4:30 A.M. and walk down to see Junkanoo at 5 A.M. After dinner we all went to bed early to catch some sleep.

As usual I couldn't sleep that early and was on the internet and Gayleen was sound asleep in my view in the V Berth. Just before midnight there were boat horns blasting all over the place and then BOOM BOOM huge explosions just outside Pearl. Gayleen jumps up with a look of fear thinking we were being shot at and I was waiting for bullets to pass through fiberglass. I think we were told too many times to watch out for all the crime and killings on Nassau so we assumed the worst. It took a couple minutes to realize there was a fireworks barge right next to our marina and we were treated to a great show.

After going back to bed for a few hours we were off to Junkanoo. It was about a 20 minute walk to downtown and did not disappoint. The floats and costumes were amazing. There were themed floats commemorating Nelson Mandela, floats representing things about the United States, even Obamacare made it into the parade. The music and dancing was entertaining and being in with all the local Bahamians added to the experience.

I was a fun way to enjoy bringing in the New Year. We are now at the Bay Street Marina which has excellent internet and is closer to downtown. Its a brand new marina and we are nestled among mega yachts like our 147 foot neighbor, Tuscan Sun.

If you are interested you can charter the Tuscan Sun for $188K a week, or buy it for $20M.

We are still exploring Nassau and have more to share in the next post.
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