Saturday, May 24, 2014

On The Move Again

We finally left the marina in Ft Pierce. I'm sorry I don't have any photos to post in this short chance to get on the internet but I will catch up later. We decided to head North for the summer. How far North? We have no idea and no set agenda. If we make it to Boston that would be really fun but that's a long way and a lot of days from now with so many things to do and see along the way. We were able to catch up on some important repairs to Pearl while in Ft Pierce. One of them was a big one that we wanted to take care of before making a long trip that might involve many hours of motoring. A week ago we had Pearl hauled out of the water and put on the hard. The rudder was taken off, the propeller was removed and the prop shaft was puled out. We replaced the cutlass bearing which needed it badly as well as a mid shaft bearing that was way beyond its years and did nothing but make horrific noises and lots of vibration. Now Pearl motors along smoothly. The vibrations are gone and so is all the noise. We also replaced the topping lift that had frayed down to threads during our last crossing. Its a good thing we caught that before the heavy boom fell on the bimini. We have connected with some good friends in St Augustine and will be traveling North with them. I will try to update with pictures along the way. You can follow us in real time by clicking on the link at the top of the "Where Are We" page in this blog. Its great to be on the move again!


  1. Happy sailing! If you spend any time in Southport, NC check out Carolina Yacht Care (cYc). Our cruising friends started this service out of all the marinas. They provide van shuttle service, weather guidance, watchdog service, provisioning, and all sorts of good stuff.

    1. Thanks! It looks like you had a fun trip cross country. Have fun on Tango this summer up there!


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