Thursday, May 29, 2014

Where is Pearl?

Pearl is making progress north! We are currently at Port Royal, S.C. just south of Beaufort, S.C. (not to be confused with Beaufort N.C. which is spelled the same but pronounced differently). Its been a quick pace since we left Ft Pierce just over 1 week ago. We tied up at the Port Royal Landing Marina and will stay here for two nights to relax from the past 7 days of travel and also to let our friends catch up.

We traveled north for 7 days anchoring most nights with a stop on a mooring ball at St Augustine. The nightly stops were:

Titusville, FL (right next to Cape Canaveral)
Flagler Beach, FL
St Augustine, FL
Cumberland Island, GA
Middle of Nowhere Marshland, GA
Savannah, GA
Port Royal, S.C.

St Augustine was one of the fun stops. We had a chance to be reunited with a good friend that we met in the Bahamas, Ann on s/v Krazy Lady. We had fun times with Ann and her friend Cindy island hopping and snorkeling in the Exumas. They are two of the most life loving fun people we have met in our travels. This cruising life is never without surprises and we also met our friends on s/v Sea Salt that we thought were a couple of weeks ahead of us making the trek north. We decided to travel north together as "buddy boats" and keep each other company. Sea Salt had a mechanical problem at our last anchorage and went in there for repairs. We went north for a day and are waiting for them to catch up.

Reuniting with old friends and meeting new friends at St. Augustine. Cruisers always know where the deals are and the prime rib at the American Legion was delicious as well as half the price of all the tourist restaurants around us.

After leaving the anchorage at Cumberland Island, this was the view for almost 2 days. Nothing but endless marshland.

When you want to stop for the day and pull over you just find a spot out of the channel and drop your anchor. The challenge is to take into account the tides here that are 8 feet from low to high. Here is Pear at anchor with our buddy boat s/v Sea Salt.

The marshes were a challenge due to the local inhabitants. All day for two days there were no less than 50 greenhead horse flies swarming the cockpit. Gayleen went down below for two days and hid in the v-berth while the cats did their best to catch all the flies that found their way below. It was good to get back to civilization and away from those annoying pests.

Port Royal Landing Marina where we are currently is a very nice place. It is right next to Parris Island which is know as the boot camp for newly enlisted Marines. The scenery here is beautiful.

Marina office and restaurant

Around the area. The Spanish Moss adds to the southern feel.

Pearl tied up alongside the face dock. The current rushes in and out between tides. You feel like you are in a fast flowing river.

Pearl has a sister ship in the marina. Another Morgan 41 Classic with burgundy trim in the foreground.

For old timesake I had to take a picture of the local Hardees hamburger place. My first job in high school was at the only Hardees I think in New Jersey, in Wayne. I haven't seen one since then.

We didn't do any blogging when were were at Ft. Pierce for 2 months so here are a few photos from Gayleen's daily adventures. At the marina she was known as the Manatee Whisperer. Almost every day she would go in her kayak up the Taylor creek where a number of Manatee played and found food. They would bump her kayak and play with her. After a couple of weeks she began to recognize each one.


  1. Love vicariously sailing with you guys. Don't know if you will pass through the NYC area, but I understand that cousin Alan is sailing the Richard Robbins in the area again this season.

    1. Thank Ken! Also, thanks for telling me about Alan. I thought he had retired the Richard Robbins. If we make it that far I will be sure to connect with him. There is a good possibility of that happening barring any unexpected delays.

  2. Hey we also anchored at tbat Middle of Nowhere place. What a coincidence!

  3. Hey, we also anchored at Middle of Nowhere MArsh in Georgia! What a coincidence!


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