Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fun In Annapolis

Why write when I can borrow? We are enjoying our time in Annapolis whch has been made especially fun by our good friends Amber and Pope from s/v Echo II that we met in the Bahamas this winter. They live in D.C. And spend lots of time on this part of the Chesapeake. They have been amazing hosts making our time spent here memorable. Amber provides some of the highlights in her recent blog post. Have a read....

Thursday, July 17, 2014

We Are Leaving Deltaville ... Really We Are

Just when we thought we would be on our way, a few days of storms moved in followed by a couple of days with wind on the nose. We are tired of motoring so we waited for the winds to swing out of the east. Tomorrow morning ... if all goes well ... we will be on our way up the Chesapeake Bay. Hopefully we will be in Annapolis on Saturday or Sunday. That is one place we were looking forward to spending a little time at. Our previous visits have only been to attend the boat show in the fall.

The extra time wasn't wasted though. We did get a couple of additional important things done on the boat. The first was having the L.E.D. light bulb we bought a few months back installed on the top of the mast. When at anchor you need to have the "anchor light" on top of the mast on all night so other boats know you are there. The old bulb used a lot of electricity so having it on all night was an extra drain on the battery that could be avoided. When we turn the new bulb on, the ammeter on the electrical panel doesn't even budge because it draws so little current. Our friend Butch wanted to try out a new piece of climbing equipment he bought and he offered to go up and do the job. Who was I to say no! Better him than me.

Its very high up there and we can't thank Butch enough for making the trip. One other last item was the installation of a new anchor. Our older Delta plow anchor was going beyond it's years so we upgraded to a new Rocna anchor which is the current state of the art. Hopefully it will hold well for many anchorings. It is nice and shiny. It's a shame that it will spend a good part of it's life buried in mud, sand and grass.

Hopefully, the next installments of the blog will be more about the outdoors and less about boat stuff. We can't wait to untie the lines.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Chess-A-Peek Ramblings

I really think they should rename this body of water the Chess-A-Peek. Every time I type Chesapeake I wonder if it has two ss'es and if it has or does not have an e at the end. Anyway, this is where we are and we are still at Dozier's Regatta Point Yachting Center in Deltaville, MD. It turns out that our insurance company had the right idea making us be north of Norfolk, VA by June 1. Hurricane Arthur turned east just south of Norfolk and the effects here were minimal.

We have been enjoying this sleepy little town that has tons of boats because of its access to great sailing and fishing but as always we are anxious to get off the dock and back on the move. The good news is that we are ready to go after the storms pass on Monday and Tuesday.

We have all heard the saying... a boat is a hole in the water into which you throw money. Well, with the new dinghy and the new enclosure and a month in a marina, we have spent enough for now. In our case, since Pearl is our home, all expenditures for maintenance and upgrades are justified just like you would take care of a house.

We are thrilled with our new enclosure. If you are on Facebook have already seen many pictures. With the bug screens in place we will be able to sit out longer in the evening and even sleep in the cockpit on nice nights not having to worry about swarming mosquitos. It certainly makes Pearl look happy.

Wednesday morning after the rain passes we start heading north. First stop will be an anchorage in the Solomon Islands, MD and then on to a few days exploring Annapolis, MD and hopefully meeting up with our friends from Echo II that we met in the Bahamas. We got a call yesterday from our friends on Sea Salt that we travelled north with. As I type this they are off the coast of Long Island on their way to Block Island and then Boston. Hopefully we will catch them later this summer but for now we have lots to explore here. After being on the go every da to make it up here its nice to relax and go at a slower pace.

It is definitely a change in perspective here in the central U.S. In the Bahamas the discussions with other cruisers centered around where the best snorkeling place is and where the best beach was and where the best hiking was. Here, the discussions are mostly about which is the best restaurant at each port. We miss the clean blue waters of the Bahamas but as we continue our travels we are sure we will find interesting places to explore.

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