Saturday, September 13, 2014

Chesapeake Ramblings

Yes, we had all good intentions of heading further north this summer but the cool weather and fun friends stopped us in our tracks here in the Chesapeake. Currently we are in a slip at the very nice Spring Cove Marina in Solomons, MD. Time has passed quickly and soon we will be headed south to continue where we left off in the Bahamas last winter...can't wait!

It has been too long since my last post there are so many stories to tell but I will stick to the highlights.

The cool daytime weather has arrived so today we started with some of the outdoors maintenance projects. As usual most projects start with a trip to West Marine to pay way too much for items marked "Marine". A conversation I had with another customer at the register sums up boat ownership better than any I have heard.

Customer: I measured everything this time before I came here so I could make sure I bought the right thing.

Me: So that means you won't have to make another trip here today?

Customer: Dude!...I'm here all the time! There are always things breaking on my boat. I'm sure there are things breaking on it right now while I'm here not even using my boat!

That about sums it up.....

Gayleen had the honors of doing the final phase of replacing the power consuming running lights with low power L.E.D. bulbs. I got dizzy just watching her.

Social media can be a time sink but can also connect you with fun new friends. One day I was reading my Facebook news feed and on it were items from a Liveaboard Sailboat group. One post caught my eye because it mentioned they had just moved onto their boat full time and had just left Annapolis a day before we were to leave. We left Annapolis the next day and headed south to anchor in a very nice anchorage in the Rhode River and I looked over and saw their beautiful Endeavor Cat "C-Soul" anchored right next to us! Feeling like a Facebook stalker I sent them a message "Hey, we are anchored right next to you". We were please to immediately get a response "Care to join us for happy hour". 

Gail and Mark are wonderful and very fun people that just sold their house and belongings and moved onto C-Soul full time. (You can follow them on the C-Soul Facebook page). We have since crossed paths with them two more times and look forward to connecting with them on the migration south in November and hopefully again in the Bahamas.

Summer on the Chesapeake....

Wednesday night races in Annapolis

It was nice of them to have the fleet race through the mooring field to get to finish line. The action was up close.

This Schooner was not in the race but it was nice to watch. You never know what will pass by anytime on any day.

Kayaking with the crew of Echo II

Our friend Amber makes the best "Dark and Stormies" The layered look is eye opening.

Gayleen's Sesame-Soy-Wasabi appetizer spread was a hit.

At the helm of Echo II on a day trip up the Patuxent River and Leonard Creek to Vera's restaurant. I can get a bit more crazy when at the helm of someone else's boat.

Great scenery and great friends at Vera's

An evening toast to Pearl (in the background) who has kept us safe and well and continues to lead us to constant adventure.

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