Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Life On A Boat

We have been so busy living our new lifestyle that we really haven't taken the time to reflect on what it really means to us. Earlier this summer we met our new friends Gail and Mark on "C-Soul". They have just bought their boat and purged their things like we had and after cruising the Chesapeake this summer they are about to start their first migration south and beyond. Not long ago they left their boat to go back to Montana for a few weeks to help with the fall harvest. After being back to their previous life for a couple of weeks Gail wrote a post on the C-Soul Facebook page that really hit home. Cruising isn't for everyone, but for us, Gail did a great job of describing what it means and how it feels. With her permission I would like to share her writings. Thank you Gail.


I haven't posted for a long time! Perhaps I need to write to calm this anxious mind! Our friends are leaving the Bay today for points south. They posted a picture and mentioned how "cool" the weather was! Breathe deep Gail! We have a full cockpit enclosure, we will stay nice and dry on our 190 mile or so journey out of our now beloved Chesapeake Bay. Keep telling myself this! I am terribly worried that I will once again not get out of the icy grasp of winter, that the River Bohemia will be frozen over by the time we get there, that there will be snow.....breathe deep Gail, all will be fine. I have learned much on summer vacation! I have learned that being so exposed living on a sailboat is by far a better choice than that of four walls. I miss the connection to the air, wind, sunrises and sunsets. I was wondering when we started our adventure if this would be to much, if being exposed would be tiring. As it turns out I am not looking forward to being in our enclosure when we get back and that I kinda like waking, going directly to the cockpit to look at the water and smell the morning air. Sitting down and snuggling up against the sides of C-Soul and looking out my back door onto the new world that is opening for us. So there is one thing that I have learned, I don't like being "trapped" in a house. Haha, who would have thought! Another thing I have learned is that life is slower on our boat. Living on land brings with it a lot of stuff! This is kind of hard to explain, and it could be very likely that we are not living in our house and just visiting is contributing to this also. There are schedules, appointments, store hours, and such planning! Now I know we do this on the boat, meet schedules, live by store hours, etc, it is just that we don't care much about them. If we want to swim instead of going to the store, we swim. If we want to sail and miss meeting someone, we sail (this among sailors is a given, if the wind is good, if you are out, chances are you aren't coming back in!). It seems that we can still dictate what, where, when and if it doesn't get done, there is always tomorrow. I understand this might sound as if we are "dropping out", but I like to think of it as just living and we love the rhythm on our boat. Another thing I have learned is that when you are on land the distractions are many, that life is to hectic to just spend time with each other, spend some time in the water, dinghy, or boat to just direct attention to each other. We might talk about the boat, weather, neighbors, friends, or anything. We talk so much and enjoy each other! On land not so much, nuff said!

My musings are ending up in ramblings. The fields of soybeans are half done! The grain bins have all been relined and are filling up. It is kinda like being on the boat when we are combining! Just us in an ocean of soybeans. We talk, we joke, we smooch, we listen to books, we wonder at the richness of the earth, just like on our boat. It is just us, we like that. So we should finish up with the combining this week. There is digging to do and a few more things and we should be off. Back to C-Soul, back to the ocean, back to our incredible lives. But for is good on the combine! 🚜

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