Saturday, February 7, 2015

Working Our Way South

We are working our way south to Miami to cross over to the Bahamas. The first leg was an invigorating 9 1/2 hour, 52 nautical mile sail down the coast of Florida from Ft Pierce to Lake Worth. Although the seas were a little rougher than we had planned it was a nice day and Pearl handled it just fine. The only casualties were two seasick feline crew members that recovered quickly once we anchored and it was dinner time and a lost solar light that disappeared from the dinghy davits somewhere along the way.


We entered the Lake Worth Inlet and turned to port to anchor in a nice anchorage that we had previously stayed at.

The next day brought high winds and thunderstorms so we decided to stay put another night. It is now that we really appreciate the new Rocna anchor we bought this past summer. It holds so well in all conditions that we just set it and go to sleep. We joke with others that we look for anchorages with poor holding just so we have an easier time pulling it back up. It certainly holds far better than the Delta anchor that we replaced. 

Two nights at anchor in Lake Worth was enough. It was still raining on and off but we decided to make our way south motoring down the Intercoastal Waterway to anchor in Lantana.

On the way down we met via the radio some very fun 20 year cruisers that anchored with us and joined is on shore for happy hour. The cruising community is amazing. We will travel with them tomorrow down to Ft Lauderdale where we will wait for good weather to go off the coast to Miami.

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