Pearl is a 1990 Morgan 41 Classic. We had been looking at boats for several years and went back and forth on what would work best for us. We chose the Morgan 41 Classic because it is a sound, well made boat that has lots of headroom below for our tall family and it just felt right in many ways to us. They just don't make them today the way they made them back then. The best part of Pearl is that she was the home for the last 17 years to a live aboard couple that maintained her to the highest standards. She literally looks like a new boat. She is being sold to us with everything on board except for their personal belongings so she is ready to go from day 1 with nothing else needed except our clothes and provisions.

The boat is fully outfitted for living aboard. The solar panels and wind generator generate enough power to keep the refrigeration/freezer running 24/7 as well as provide power for lights and small appliances without having to burn diesel fuel. It is equipped with a Single Sideband Radio that has a modem integrated into it for email access anyplace in the world. We can also use the SSB to talk to the other cruisers as well as get valuable weather data from thousands of miles away. It is also a ham radio so over time Bruce will study and take the tests to become a ham operator for fun. Bruce has a couple of cousins that are still avid ham radio operators. Cruisers have refined the antenna systems to be able to "steal" internet access from open wifi routers on shore. The boat has two amplified wifi antennas that will allow for the borrowing of internet wifi from a very long distance away. This isn't stealing as many wifi hot spots are coffee houses, marinas, hotels or cafe's that provide it for their customers to entice them to come in. They also want the cruisers to anchor off their beach and come in for drinks or dinner. Internet is very available so we will be able to carry on with our computers and update this blog often.

There is a gas stove and oven in the galley as well as a gas grill on the stern. The current owners pointed out that they will leave the bread maker so Gayleen can make bread (Bruce had to hold back his smirk on that one and just say thank you..the microwave will get plenty of use though and Bruce will take on the bread maker). The list of items they are leaving on the boat goes on and on including fishing gear, tools, spares etc. It is truly a turnkey operation.

We cant thank the previous owners enough for their generosity in helping us make the transition on board. Besides leaving the boat equipped with many tools, spares and day-to-day living items, they spent many hours teaching us all the systems and how to continue to maintain the boat to the standards they have while they lived aboard. 

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