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We are Gayleen and Bruce and this blog is meant to be a chronicle of our journey for ourselves but also to keep our family, friends and new friends updated on where we are and what we are doing. Gayleen is originally from Danielson, CT and Bruce is originally from Wayne, N.J. We are fortunate to be at a point in our lives where our 3 wonderful sons have graduated from college and are embarking on their own individual life paths. After raising our boys in the suburban town of Northborough, Massachusetts enjoying adventures with them as they grew up, we found ourselves in a house too big for our needs and yearning for our own adventure. We are finally embarking on a total change in lifestyle. We sold our house and got rid of all our belongings that we couldn't fit on a boat and have moved onto a 41 foot long sailboat along with our two cats Turbo and Taz. Our intention is to live aboard and cruise for as longs as the adventure remains exciting.

Thank you for visiting our blog. For our new friends, we would very much enjoy hearing from you with comments or questions. Please feel free to email us adventuresofpearl@gmail.com


  1. Life is but a dream ....

    Best wishes and we'll be following your adventures with envy!
    - Jack & Mary

  2. We are looking forward to following your journey here. Be safe and have a great time! Let's hope the cats don't get sea sick!
    Audrey and Bob

  3. Bruce and Gayleen,

    Wishing you an excellent adventure and I'll be following along from Seattle. Pines Lake neighbors forever!


  4. Bruce and Gayleen,

    Looks like you're having a great time.... the pics look awesome (we're quite jealous). Memorial Day block party yesterday, everyone missed you.

    Stay safe.

    Tony and Gwenn

  5. The good life... and noone deserves it more. I am truly envious. Enjoy. Be safe. And take good care of Turbo and Taz.

  6. You can always dock in front of The Nautilus Café Freeport NY, enjoy your journey , be safe , thanks for all your help in the past Bruce, till we meet, Brian


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